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Vintage Restyling: Three Case Studies

Want to wear your mother's gown, or a great vintage find, but the dress needs some work? Dame can restyle and reconstruct your vintage wedding garment. When a restyle is not possible, we can incorporate fabric from an old dress into a new design. Since every dress is different, your experience will be unique to you--but to give you an idea of how it can work, here are three brides' stories. (Click here to make an appointment to bring your dress in for a consultation.) Vintage restyling starts at $1,000.

1. Sarah

Sarah wanted to incorporate textiles and buttons from her mother's, grandmother's and aunt's wedding dresses, but wanted her dress to feel modern. So we started with a shape she liked - short, sweetheart neckline, and definitely not strapless! - and used fabric from the other dresses as embellishment. We layered and tucked and added fabric flowers and buttons until the proper amount of planned messiness was achieved. The leftover scraps were made into three brooches for Sarah to give to her female relatives on her wedding day.

2. Kate

vintage wedding dress

When Kate brought us her mom's dress, she knew she wanted to go from tent dress (see pic on left) to wiggle dress, and we took it from there. We patterned, recut, and added new lining. The most challenging part? Placing the pattern pieces just right on the existing dress to capture the lace motifs. The result? A frock worthy of Style Me Pretty!

3. Amy

Amy's grandmother's dress covered the bride from head to toe in satin and featured a beautiful lace collar that Amy wanted to preserve somehow. Amy had the genius idea of creating a halter neckline out of the sleeves, and
we turned the lace collar into a bustier, peeking out of the satin halter top. The long train stayed intact.

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